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Hi, I am Burt Longwood and welcome to my website.

Best Backpack Reviews

Our website has been designed to answer your questions regarding “What backpack should I buy?” My standard answer to this is “It Depends”. It depends on this like your level of fitness (How much weight can you carry?), Where do you intent to go backpacking and for how long? and a number of other questions. Please go through the questions to answer before buying a backpack below to assist you through this process.

When first starting out and planning your first backpacking trip, treat it like starting an exercise program. You don’t start your exercise program by trying to run 20km on the first day, neither should you plan the epic trip of a lifetime as your first venture into backpacking. Start with some easy say an overnight trip in your local nature reserve, start the process by getting comfortable. Find out what you are able to do before you head out on your epic journey. Part of this process is learning what you are capable of, e.g. How much weight can you carry comfortably for extended periods? How far can I walk comfortably in a day?

On these initial short trips it is a good way of working out what you need and use on a daily basis whilst backpacking. These are the things that you must take with you. Then look at the things you didn’t use or use rarely, maybe some of these things can be left behind. However when planning a longer trip you must ensure that you plan to cover all weather variables. You must take wet weather gear and also plan for extremes of weather hot/cold. Also always plan that you may have an unexpected overnight in the woods.

Choosing the right backpack for your needs

The most important thing when selecting a backpack is that it fits you well. You need to be able to carry a backpack for extended periods of time without aches or pains. What seems comfortable at the outset may become uncomfortable over time.

I am an avid hiker/camper and spend most weekends heading out with my backpack for a little peace and solitude; and to appreciate the wonders of nature that surround us. It it amazing to see what is out there when you take the time to slow down and appreciate it.

Backpacking the mountain trailsI have backpacked through North America as well as both Europe and South America. My favorite place for a few days backpacking is along the Appalachian Mountain trails.

I have built this website after being asked by many of my friends “What sort of backpack should I get?” The answer to this question mainly depends on what the main purpose or use you intend to use your backpack for. A backpack suitable for a person who just wants to go for a day of hiking or maybe a night in the woods, is vastly different to a person who intends going on a serious hiking adventure or even going on a backpacking holiday for a month or so.

As you can see the question, what is the best backpack? is almost impossible to answer without knowing whether you are after a lightweight pack for hiking or a daypack, or are you after something more serious?

Please read my my home page post 6 things to consider before buying a backpack.

I hope my website helps you find the right backpack for your adventures.

If you have any questions please contact us here.