AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack

Prepare for your next camping adventure with the AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack. This backpack is ideal for a person interested in camping and hiking on a budget. The backpack provides reliable performance, durable design and includes a rain cover.
The backpack also has a lot of space to store your gear. It offers you a comfortable fit for your trekking adventure. Proper fit allows you to arrive at your destination safely and comfortably.

50L hiking backpack from AmazonBasics

Made with durable polyester. The backpack comes in three sizing choices:

  • 50 liters,
  • 60 liters, and
  • 70 liters

It comes in two colors

  • Black or
  • Green

A feature of the AmazonBasics backpack is the extension collar that allows an extra 5 liters of storage space.

Features of the AmazonBasics Backpack

  • Storage Compartments
    Has extensive storage compartments and pockets. Multi-direction compression straps, and a sleeping bag compartment.

  • Durable Polyester
    Made of strong polyester, the backpack is ideal for camping and hiking on a budget.

  • Three Sizes
    The internal frame backpack offers capacities of:
    • 55L (50 liters and 5 liters extension collar),
    • 65L (60 liters and 5 liters extensions collar), and
    • 75L (70 liters and 5 liters extension collar).

  • Comfortable Fit
    Padded shoulder straps and adjustable straps provided for a comfortable fit.
  • Lower Back Support
    The molded channels and open-cell foam lumbar pad for airflow and lower back support.

  • 1-year Warranty
    Comes with the AmazonBasics limited 1-year warranty.

  • Two Color Options
    Comes in green and black colors.

  • Waterproof Cover
    Comes with a waterproof cover to protect against heavier rain.

  • Integrated Rainfly
    Has an integrated
    rainfly (water-resistant) for light rain.

  • Water Resistant Coating
    External coating is water-repellent.

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Amazon Basics backpack in green, budget backpack

Advantages of the AmazonBasics Backpack

The AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack boasts of a comfortable fit, rain protection. It has enough storage space, and an ample sleeping bag compartment.
One good thing about this camping backpack is that it is designed for most body sizes. An adjustable waist belt and a secure, fully-adjustable fit around the torso. The adjustable shoulder straps offers support and upper-load balance.
Adding to the backpack’s comfort are padded, thick shoulder straps. You don’t have to feel the weight as the padded straps makes for a comfortable carrying experience. With its adjustable fit, the backpack is suitable for men, women, and older youth.

Budget priced backpack ideal for the beginner

When you’re outdoors, prepare for several variables, which include light to heavy rain. A water resistant coating on the backpack, allows you to tackle any rainy situation on your trek.
A built in rainfly, a feature not found in other backpacks. The rainfly helps prevent light rain from seeping into your backpack. For heavier rain, a waterproof cover is provided. This will keep your items like food, clothing, and electronics dry and protected.
The sleeping bag compartment is a decent size. This dedicated space allows you to pack and transport your sleeping bag. It provides easy access to your stored sleeping bag.
The storage options are also top-notch. Roomy compartments and extensive pockets help to organize stored items. Allowing you to find them easily. Multi-directional compression straps prevent items from moving around and help secure your gear.
For its price, the backpack offers a lot of features. At less than $100, it represents great value for money. You can expect useful pockets, reliable zippers, rainfly, and a strong padded frame. It’s also comfortable to carry, making your long mountain treks bearable.

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What We Didn’t Like About This Backpack


With all its advantages, the AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack comes with several drawbacks.

  • Uneven Weight Distribution
    Although comfortable, the weight is not
    evenly distributed. If you’re traveling by air, you may need to check this bag in or bring a smaller bag for air travel. The backpack is too large for overhead airplane compartments.

  • Front Pocket
    The front pocket is only reinforced by one zipper. This pocket does bear a lot of weight. Thus, if weight from the main compartment bears on the front pocket, the contents of the pocket may spill. You may not be even aware of this until you reach your destination or if you stop at some point.

  • Adjustment
    The hiking backpack is not adjustable to fit all torso sizes, so shorter hikers might have a hard time using it. While the backpack has several small compartments, it doesn’t have hip strap pockets. These are handy for storing quick-access items.

  • Sleeping Bag Compartment
    The sleeping bag compartment also tends to be on the small side. You may end up placing your sleeping bag inside the main compartment.
    Instead of the sleeping bag, this compartment may be a place to store your toiletries and extra clothes.
  • Tension Straps Loosen
    Unfortunately, the greatest drawback to this backpack comes after you start your trek. Once you have begun to use it and you may be in the middle of your trek. The shoulder tension straps and the bottom strap often tend to loosen. This is particularly noticeable when carrying heavy loads of up to 50 pounds. You need to adjust them
    constantly and find a way for this to stick.

  • Buckles
    With its affordable price, there comes a few trade-offs. The backpack has durable stitching, is waterproof, and has a lot of compartments. But, the buckles for adjusting the straps do not hold up well.

  • Drink Holders
    The cup holder nets are also not durable and also
    barely fit a 32-ounce water bottle. After a few camping trips, the nets may tear. It would be better if the these were made from the same material as the rest of the bag. Making the cup holders larger would also be a huge help.

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Amazon does not claim to be a high-end, hardcore designer and developer of hiking bags. The company sells its own range of budget traveling bag products. Expect them to be functional, but basic, no-frills entry-level items.
An example of which would be the AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack. This backpack is for you if you’re starting out into the hiking world, are a scout, or you want a bargain.
The backpack comes in three sizing variants (55L, 65L, and 75L). The durable polyester backpack comes with an exterior coating that’s water-repellent. One feature that may not be found in other backpacks is an extendable collar to let you carry more items.
The backpack weighs about 4 pounds, which is a bit on the lighter side. It also comes with a hydration bladder pouch with Velcro fastening. One of the main things going for this backpack is its affordable price. For the features that come with it, you may be able to think that this backpack is not entry-level at all.
This backpack is best used by beginners.
If you’re a seasoned backpacker with tons of equipment to bring with you every time, expect to be disappointed. When you’re carrying heavy weights, the adjustment buckles tend to unravel easily. Cup holders tend to wear out in time.
The sleeping bag compartment may be on the small side. If you’re out on camping trips during the winters, you may find it a struggle to fit your thicker sleeping bag in.
If you’re carrying additional gear, like trekking poles, ice axes, and small propane tanks, not only will the backpack bear down on you. But, the shoulder straps would likely loosen. This can be an inconvenience especially mid-trek.
If you only do light weekend trekking or if you’re a beginner on a budget, this is a good backpacking option. The AmazonBasics Hiking Backpack can be a good starter backpack. It will help you familiarize with camping essentials.
Otherwise, go for other brands if you’re a more serious hiking enthusiast.