Top Ten Selling Travel Carry-on Backpacks

When you often travel by airplane, you know the difficulties that come with it. Additional costs and waiting at the check-in line are some of the things you can avoid when traveling with a carry-on. This is where a travel backpack really stands out, light, easy to carry and more importantly easy to get into overhead bins or under a seat.

There are various types of carry-on backpacks that you can find online. You must choose the best one that’ll fit your needs.

A Closer Look At Our Top Ten

Here are 10 of the best carry-on backpacks to help you pick out one for your next trip.


Our top picks for the best travel carry-on backpacks


Best Overall



Men Travel Rucksack

Runner Up


The best travel backpack runner up is the eBags TLS Mother Lode backpack 

eBags TLS Mother Lode Travel Backpack

Best Value

Our best value travel backpack is the MATEIN travel laptop backpack 

Travel Business Backpack

ImageNameFeaturesStarsCheck Price
AmazonBasics Carry-on Travel Backpack14" x 21.5" x 8"
3.6 lbs
Multiple compartments
4.2 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Witzman Men Travel Duffel Bag13" x 21" x 7.5" (large)
3.2 lbs
1 year warranty
4.5 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Matein Carry-on Laptop Backpack12" x 18" x 7.8"
1.6 lbs
USB charging port
4.7 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Hynes Eagle Carry-on Backpack13" x 19.7" x 7.9"
1.8 lbs
4.4 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Cabin Max Metz Carry-on Backpack14" x 21" x 9"
5 year warranty
4.2 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Hypath 2 in 1 convertible travel bag14" x 22" x 9" (Main bag)
6.3 lbs (Main bag)
Rollers (Main bag)
4.1 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Cateep Travel Carry-on Backpack10.5" x 13.7" x 5.7"
2.5 lbs
USB charging port
4.1 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
eBags TLS Mother Lode Travel Backpack14" x 21" x 9"
3.7 lbs
Fits up to 19" laptop
4.5 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Zuqiang Multipurpose Carry-on Backpack18" x 12" x 9.5"
2.6 lbs
4.1 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon
Lifeasy Carry-on Travel Backpack18" x 12" x 9.5"
2.7 lbs
USB charging port
4.3 StarsCheck for the best price for this backpack on Amazon


1. AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 21”x15″ x 8″
  • Bag weight:
    • 3.5 lbs

The AmazonBasics is an affordable choice as a travel backpack The AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack is for every kind of traveler who wants to travel light. It’s an all-purpose carry-on backpack that has tons of useful features.

It’s a lightweight bag that only weighs about 3.5 pounds. With a luggage capacity of 40 liters, you can bring a lot of travel essentials on your trips. It also has a zippered compartment for a laptop, making this ideal for business trips.

If you’re the type who loves buying souvenirs, you may find its expandable storage feature useful. It also has an organizer pocket outside the bag and a large mesh pocket inside. The durable zippers are also a plus.

You can convert it into a shoulder bag with its detachable strap. But, some may find it uncomfortable.

Some people who’ve used the bag found that the placement of the shoulder straps can be irritating. Despite being padded and comfortable, the straps might seem poorly stitched.

You may need a little TLC when handling this bag to prolong the lifespan of the straps and the clips.

You can get your own AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack in three colors:

  • black,
  • red, and
  • blue.


  • Durable, heavy-duty zippers

  • Expandable storage

  • Includes a lot of extra pockets


  • Straps have poor stitching

  • Dimensions may not be exact

  • Poor placement of shoulder straps


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


2. WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack and Duffel Bag

  • Dimensions:
    • 21”x13”x7.5” (Large), and
    • 18.5”x11.5”x8” (Small)
  • Bag weight:
    • 3.24 lbs (Large), and
    • 2.95 lbs (Small)

  This WITZMAN travel rucksack is a great choice for many travellers

If you want to sport a vintage look during your trips, you may like WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack and Duffel Bag. Besides its classic look, it’s also a functional carry-on backpack.

The fabric used for the bag is cotton canvas that’s high-quality. It’s comfortable to carry around with different style options. If you’re tired of carrying it as a bag, you can use it as a duffel bag or a hand carry bag. It also has several handles built in.

You can fit a laptop as big as 16 inches in the internal slot of the bag. It also has several smaller pockets inside and outside.

The backpack straps are comfortable enough since they’re made with padded mesh.

One downside is that it might be too bulky, especially for short trips. Also, keep in mind that it’ll be hard to open the outer pocket if the bag is packed full.

You may also want to handle the clips with care. The clips are made from plastic, so it’s likely the first ones to break.

The WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack and Duffel Bag is available in two sizes and five sleek colors.


  • Spacious and lots of pocket storage

  • Easy to access bag contents

  • Chest and hip straps provide great support


  • Can be too large for weekend trips

  • Difficulty opening front pocket when bag is full

  • Plastic clips are not high-quality


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


3. MATEIN Travel Carry-on Laptop Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 18”x12”x7.8”
  • Bag weight:
    • 1.56 lbs

  An ideal travel backpack for the techie types

Techie travelers may find the MATEIN Travel Carry-on Laptop Backpack to be a convenient travel necessity. One of its notable features is the USB charging port.

The bag comes with an external port, which makes it convenient to charge your devices. It also has a separate laptop compartment. This will ensure that your laptop is secured from being damaged by other contents.

However, it may not fit your 15.6” laptop well despite what’s advertised.

The middle compartment is spacious enough for large items. The front compartment has pockets for phones, pens, and other smaller items. These separated compartments allow easy organization for your belongings.

The design of the backpack is durable and comfortable. It has a soft yet thick padding for the back of the bag and the straps.

The multi-panel ventilation feature of the padding can help you wear the bag for long trips without minimal body pain.

However, this isn’t advisable for rainy days. The fabric used for the bag absorbs water. It’ll be safer to stay indoors on rainy days when using this backpack.  


  • Made with high-quality fabric and zippers

  • Compact with great storage capacity

  • Convenient USB charging port

  • Has an anti-theft secret pocket


  • Doesn’t fit a 15.6” laptop well

  • Not water-resistant


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


4. Hynes Eagle Carry-on Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 19.7” x 13” x 8.7”
  • Bag weight:
    • 1.8 lbs.

Hynes Eagle travel backpack is a smart choice for the frequent traveller

The Hynes Eagle Carry-on Backpack may look simple, but it has tons of features you may like.

It’s hard not to notice its incredible weight of only 1.8 lbs. This will allow you to store more items without worrying about exceeding the airline weight limit.

It has a great main compartment with straps to tie down the contents in place. This will help keep them from moving and creating a mess inside the bag.

If you’re peeved with pesky backpack straps when setting it down, you’d like the hide-away strap feature. You can hide the straps if you want to use it as a duffel bag. This is also useful when you need to put your bag at the airplane’s overhead storage or under your seat.

The compression straps can make the bag even more compact. But, it can prevent you from opening the front compartment easily if stretched too much.

There may be some issues with comfort. Some people have expressed their dismay with the bag’s comfort. To be safe, it’s best not to use it as a backpack for long hours.


  • Very lightweight compared to other carry-on backpacks

  • Spacious main compartment

  • Includes various pockets


  • Arm handles may slide out of place

  • Compression straps may prevent easy access to the front zippers

  • Not ideal to be carried for long hours


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


5. Cabin Max Metz Carry-on Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 21”x14”x9”
  • Bag weight:
    • 1.8 lbs.

At 44L this travel backpack has enough room for all your essentials when travelling.

The Cabin Max Metz is another carry-on backpack that’s lightweight at only 1.8 lbs. Also, it’s available in tons of colors and designs, which makes it perfect for young travelers.

This may be one of the perfect weekender travel backpacks. It can accommodate up to 44 liters worth of content. But, it’s best not to reach that limit since the shoulder straps can be uncomfortable.

It has four side straps. This may help make the backpack more compact especially if you have a lot of clothes stored inside the main compartment.

The middle compartment is great for storing smaller items like passports, charging cables, and toiletries. The smaller front compartment is easy to access.

It doesn’t have many features like other carry-on backpacks. But, it’s still convenient for short trips.


  • Ultra lightweight

  • Provides a lot of space

  • Has three separated zipped compartments


  • Doesn’t have a laptop sleeve

  • Uncomfortable when heavy loaded

  • Fabric resists light rainwater


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


6. Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

  • Dimensions:
    • 22”x14”x9” (Main convertible bag), and
    • 18”x12”x7” (Smaller detachable bag)
  • Bag weight:
    • 6.3 lbs (Main convertible bag), and
    • 1.35 lbs (Smaller detachable bag)

The Hypath 2-in-1 travel pack gives you two bags for the price of one. Ideal for those overnight work trips

If you can’t decide on what bag to get, try the Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag. You’ll get two kinds of bags with one purchase. The travel bag can be used as a normal carry-on backpack.

If you get tired from carrying it, you can convert it to a rolling suitcase. This can make your trips easier with less back aches. At the back of the travel bag, there’s a compartment that stores a smaller backpack.

This is useful if you’re on a trip, but you don’t want to bring everything with you on your strolls. You can leave the main backpack at the hotel and bring the smaller bag with all your valuables.

The main carry-on backpack is still small enough to be allowed on an airplane. This will save you lots of time from waiting by the luggage area.

The bags are both made with high-quality, water-resistant fabric. This means that you can go on adventures no matter how bad the weather is.

It’s also durable enough to last a long time. However, it only comes in one color.


  • Holds larger laptop models compared to other carry-on backpacks

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Converts to a wheeled luggage

  • Two bags with one purchase


  • Detachable bag doesn’t mount well on the converted wheeled luggage

  • Handle on the detachable bag is uncomfortable

  • The detachable bag is hard to put back in its storage


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


7. Cateep Travel Carry-on Laptop Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 13.7”x10.5”x5.7”
  • Bag weight:
    • 2.5 lbs

An expandable carry on backpack with charging port represents good value

The Cateep Travel Carry-on Laptop Backpack is another great travel companion. It’s smaller compared to other carry-on backpacks on the list. This ensures that it’ll be allowed on flights.

Its main compartment provides a lot of space. It also has zippered mesh separators. These can help keep the contents in place no matter how you carry the bag.

The smaller compartment is great for smaller items. It also has two smaller pockets for phones and passports as well as pockets for pens. But, they could’ve added a few more pockets for extra items.

Nevertheless, the front part of the bag has three even smaller zippered compartments. They’re secured and easy to access. These compartments can hold your money or other items you always need to get.

It’s a good thing that the backpack has a carrying handle since it can get quite hot when worn on the back. It’s not well-ventilated so using this during hot weather can be uncomfortable.


  • Has a USB charging port

  • Main compartment has 2 meshed spaces

  • Expandable capacity


  • Unreliable zippers

  • No ventilation feature

  • Only a few smaller pockets inside


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


8. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

  • Dimensions:
    • 21”x14”x13”
  • Bag weight:
    • 3.7 lbs.

eBags TLS Mother Lode is a good choice for a quality carry-on backpack

The eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible is an expandable bag that can add about 10% more capacity.

It’s convertible from a backpack to a luggage. Just hide the straps at the back compartment of the bag, and carry it as you please.

The lockable zippers provide extra security to your valuable items.

The main compartment has a foldable divider inside. You can divide the space horizontally, giving you an option for better organization. Its zippered mesh space allows you to separate more valuable or delicate items. There’s also a small zippered pocket which is detachable.

You can easily use it as a money purse and carry it with you anytime. The front of the backpack has many smaller zippered compartments. This gives you easy access to smaller items you may need immediately.

You can get the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible in black and other yummy colors. The colored options are bright, which make them easy to spot anywhere.


  • Comfortable with good back support

  • Compartments and smaller sections allow space efficiency

  • Sturdy and may last for many years


  • Sternum strap may not be comfortable for all body types

  • Water bottle holder fits only a few types of bottles


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


9. ZUQIANG Multipurpose Carry-on Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 18.3”x12.2”9.5”
  • Bag weight:
    • 2.64 lbs

This backpack is ideal for the business traveller. Secure storage for laptops and electronic gear

Another bag that made the list is the ZUQIANG Multipurpose Carry-on Backpack.

Its sleek design makes it a great business travel backpack.

Unlike other expandable backpacks, this bag can give you 40% extra space. That’s about 20 liters more in capacity. Even when not expanded, it already has tons of storage for your belongings.

It has three compartments. The back-most compartment can hold laptops up to 19”. It can also hold other flat items like documents. The middle compartment is the main space for larger items like clothes.

It has 2 zippered mesh spaces to keep things in place. The front compartment is best for smaller items. The front part of the backpack also has smaller zippered storages. These are useful for items you need a lot.

However, it may be difficult to get the items inside if the backpack is too full.

It also has an external charging port that’s handy when you always use your phone. Just plug your charging cable to the port and connect it to your phone.

Still, it’s not advisable to use in hot climate places. If you’ll be traveling to a warm destination, don’t wear it as a backpack for long hours.


  • Lightweight and durable

  • Includes an external charging port

  • Has a lot of compartments including hidden ones

  • Expandable space


  • Can get too hot when worn for hours

  • No straps inside the bag


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


10. Lifeasy Carry-on Travel Backpack

  • Dimensions:
    • 18.3”x12.2”x5.9”
  • Bag weight:
    • 2.7 lbs

Lifeasy expandable travel backpacks, a strong contender for the best travel backpack The Lifeasy Carry-on Travel Backpack is the last on the list. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad travel bag.

Its spacious compartments allow you to bring all your travel necessities.

There are several compartments for different items. You can store your laptop at the back compartment. The middle compartment is best for holding clothes and bulky items. The front compartment is ideal for smaller items.

If the space isn’t enough, you can always expand it. Expanding the bag adds 15 liters more to its capacity. That means you can bring more clothes or extra gadgets to your trips.

Another key feature is the padded and shock absorbing back of the bag. It helps you wear the bag comfortably.

But, some customers still complain that the bag is painful to wear when it’s full. It’s best to limit the weight you’ll be carrying.


  • Expands to add 15 liters more to the capacity

  • Has USB port for convenient charging

  • Shock absorbing padding for the back


  • May not be too comfortable when full

  • Straps may not be too durable for heavy loads


Check for the best price on this backpack on Amazon


Benefits of Traveling with a Carry-on Backpack

Carry-on backpacks are for frequent travelers who don’t bring a lot of stuff along. It has a lot of benefits compared to bringing a bulky luggage.

  1. Saves Time.
    Once you arrive at your destination, you can leave the airport right away. You won’t need to wait for your baggage at the luggage carousel. It also saves you time when checking in at the airport.
  2. Saves Money.
    Having less baggage can save you a lot of money. You can save a few hundred bucks when you have several connecting flights to your destination. Traveling with a carry-on backpack can also keep you from unnecessary purchases.
  3. Keeps Your Belongings More Secure.
    You can keep a closer eye on your belongings when using a carry-on backpack.
  4. Less Hassle.
    Bringing a large luggage along with you can be a hassle. Having a carry-on backpack allows you to move around with little worries.
  5. Doesn’t Make You Look Like a Tourist.
    Many scammers and thieves often target tourists, especially at popular spots. They know the valuable things they can get from you.

    Carrying only a backpack will help you blend in with the crowd, keeping the criminals away from you.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Carry-on Backpack

There are different things to consider before buying a carry-on backpack. Knowing these will save you time, money, and keep you from buying an incorrect type of backpack.

  • Get the right size.
    Airline companies have strict guidelines on a carry-on bag’s size. Many airline companies allow bags with the dimensions 22”x14”x9”.

    Still, it’s best to check the airline’s website to know their exact size guidelines.

  • Consider the weight.
    Besides the size, the weight of your carry-on backpack needs consideration too. If you’re bringing lots of things with you, get a lightweight bag.

    Check your airline’s weight guidelines to be sure.

  • Make sure it fits.
    Get a carry-on backpack that fits your body type and height. An incorrect bag can cause back pains if you use it a lot. If it’s your first time to buy a carry-on backpack, get one that’s adjustable.
  • Consider getting a suitcase-type backpack.
    If you want to be more organized, get a backpack that opens like a suitcase. You’ll get to see your belongings clearly and arrange them neatly.