High Sierra Appalachian 75L Review

The High Sierra Appalachian 75 has been around for some time now. The version you can buy in the market now is the Classic 2 Series Appalachian 75.
This backpack is suitable for backpacking travel, for beginners, and occasional outdoor treks. When it comes to quality, price, and value, this pack is unbeatable. It costs much less than the bags from the big brands.
One of the best value extra large hiking backpack is the High Sierra Appalachian 75L backpack

Features Of The Appalachian 75L

High Sierra Appalachian a quality backpack at an affordable price

The pack has two points of entry to the main compartment.
  1. A classic top lid


  2. Front panel U-shaped entrance with zipper
This is a floating-type lid. If you have an extra load, you can raise the lid up and down when you expand the collar. The top of the lid has four attachment loops.
There is a collar with dual drawstrings underneath the lid. The compression strap is at the same location. You can use this to snap the backpack from above. You can also attach a tent, climbing rope, or a pad to it.
The main compartment has a large space. It has a water bladder sleeve, but the reservoir is not included. Both sides of the backpack have hose ports.
The bottom compartment is huge. This is usually used to store a sleeping bag. You can also keep items here that are light. This compartment has a standard entry point that has a zipper.
The two compartments have a zippered divider between them. You can open this zipper if you need to. These compartments are separated, unlike in more expensive models that use toggles.
Both sides of the backpack have dual daisy chains that are in vertical position. They also have dual side compression straps.
The bottom compartment has dual compression straps that run through it. These straps have buckles and are long enough to attach huge foam pads. They go all the way to the bottom of the backpack. This means you can attach a few items underneath the bag.
The lower section has three attachment loops. You can use them for your ice axe and trekking poles.
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Suspension System

The suspension system of the High Sierra Appalachian 75 is simple. Two aluminum stays support it. They are in a vertical position along the back. You can access them through the main compartment. If you want, you can also remove them.
There is an ERGO-FIT shoulder harness in the suspension system. It is ladder-type and adjustable. You can move this harness up and down once you have undone the Velcro tab.
There are several positions where you can attach the harness. This means you can use the backpack with other people. For example, you can share it with your partner, family members, and friends. All they have to do is adjust the harness if they will use the backpack.
The hip belt has a massive padding. It has high-density foam and Vapel mesh airflow. The lumbar area also has much padding. The back panel has airflow channels and molded foam.

Quality at a great price with this High Sierra backpack

High Sierra Appalachian is available in four colors


The front pocket has a vertical zipper. This pocket is huge, but not so deep. You can keep there your maps or other flat items.
It also has a large zippered pocket on each side. Most other hiking backpacks do not have this feature. When they are full, these pockets do not take any space from the main compartment.
The sides also have mesh stretch pockets. Here, you can place water bottles or elongated items, such as tent poles. You can fix the items using the straps that are above the pockets.
The lid has two pockets with zipper.

What We Liked About The Appalachian 75L

  • Durable and Long Lasting
    The High Sierra Appalachian 75 is made of durable materials. It also has plenty of quality zippers. It is important to have good quality zippers on your pack. The ones in this backpack are sure to hold together well.
  • Large Capacity
    One of the best features of this bag is its large carrying capacity. With its 75-liter capacity, it is a true expedition backpack. There is a room for all your gear and your essentials during your hike.
  • Easy Access
    You have also an easy access to the items in the top, middle, and bottom of the backpack through the compartments.
  • Good Ventilation
    It has good back ventilation. The molded foam with airflow channels on the back panel will keep your back cool.
  • Sleeping Bag Compartment
    The bottom compartment is spacey. You can store here a rolled up medium to large-sized sleeping bag. At first, it looks like a large sleeping bag will not fit.
    However, if you put a little pressure on the backpack, it will fit fine. The zipper will close properly and keep it tight.
  • Water Bladder Holder
    Another important thing for many hikers is a space for water bladder. This way, you do not have to take off your backpack whenever you want to drink. Although the reservoir is not included, the water bladder sleeve can fit a 2-liter bag.
  • Adjustable Straps
    The adjustable straps are another advantage of this backpack. These straps can be a bit long for some people.
    However, it is better to have some extra than not have enough.

    You can also adjust the hip belt. This means there is no problem whether you have a slim or big waist.

    The straps on the bottom compartment are amazing. You can fit in your tent and your roll-up foam sleeping bag just fine. They will feel stable and secure against the backpack.

  • Rain Cover
    There is a water-resistant rain cover underneath the bottom compartment. It works well, so you can protect your backpack with it when it rains.
  • Budget Price
    This backpack is less expensive than other expedition backpacks. It is up to three times cheaper compared to the packs in the same size range.
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Great value for money backpacking pack

The High Sieera Appalachian 75L comes in a range of colors

A popular backpack for hikers on a budget

What We Didn’t Like

  • Rather Heavy
    This is not a lightweight backpack. When empty, it weighs 5.8 lbs. or 2.6 kg. More expensive backpacks weigh lighter. If you are not used to carrying heavy things, do not put too much in your backpack. Instead of enjoying your trip, you will suffer if you cannot handle the weight.
  • No Pockets in Hip Belt
    The hip belt does not have pockets. This can be disappointing because it was a waste of space.


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The High Sierra Appalachian 75 is a hiking backpack on a budget. This backpack is ideal when you need a budget backpack for your long trips. Its price is less than half of some packs with the same size.
So, if you are on a tight budget, this is the backpack for you.
The adjustable harness makes this backpack useful for several individuals. This same feature makes it suitable for growing youth. They can adjust the harness to fit them well.
This backpack is not designed for the minimalist. It is a bit heavy when unloaded. This is not for you if you want to go ultra-light.
It is not short on features, though. All in all, the High Sierra Appalachian 75 is great. Recommended for everyone who wants an affordable, but well-made backpack.