High Sierra Titan Backpack Review

The High Sierra Titan backpack comes in two sizes. The Titan 55 backpack and the Titan 65 backpack. Both of these backpacks have an internal frame for support.

The 55L Titan is best for beginners and for weekend outdoor hikes. It also can be used for the occasional multi-day trek.

The Titan 65 backpack, which has a larger capacity, is best if your trek takes more than the weekend.

High Sierra Titan backpack comes in two sizes 55L and 65L for those long treks

The Titan backpacks come in a range of colors. The Titan 65L is available in the following colors:

  • Black,


  • Dahlia/dragon,


  • Lagoon/redline,


  • Mercury/lime, and


  • Navy/crimson.

The Titan 55L comes in these colors:

  • Black
  • Brick Red
  • Moss


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High Sierra uses lightweight hardware and fabrics, combined with cutting-edge stretched-mesh back design.

The backpacks offer the right combination of technology, style, and comfort. Making them suitable for the beginner as well as serious outdoor enthusiast.

Features Of The Titan 55L Internal Frame Backpack

  • Front-load, easy-access zipper compartment with inner divider that is adjustable.
  • Top-load, 55-liter main compartment has an adjustable top lid and gusseted drawstring closure.
  • Has a sternum strap (adjustable) to stabilize the backpack.
  • Straps contain a media pocket that’s removable.
  • The adjustable lid contains an external zipper pocket with a key fob.
  • The internal zippered pocket and the lid-side bungee cord holds more gear.
  • The rain cover is water resistant.
  • The side mesh compartment can hold your water bottle.
  • The 300×250-denier Duralite mini-hexagon ripstop has a water-resistant coating.
  • Comes in three colors:
    • black/charcoal/pool,
    • moss/mercury/chartreuse, and
    • brick red/carmine/red line.

At 55L the High Sierra Titan backpack is ideal for those 2 to 3 day treks

The 65 liter capacity of the High Sierra Titan is great for weekend trekking adventures

A quality hiking backpack at a budget price

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Titan 65L Frame Backpack Features

  • The S-shaped shoulder strap harness has adjustable load-lifters.
  • The foam-padded, high-density back panel keeps your back dry and cool. By contouring of the internal frame structure and the large Airflow channels.
  • The main compartment is a top load and has an adjustable top lid and gusseted drawstring closure. The front-load compartment to accommodate a sleeping bag has a divider.
  • The High Sierra Titan backpack has a hinged front pocket. The mesh side gussets, can accommodate other gear like ropes. .
  • The sternum strap, which is adjustable, and stabilizes the backpack. The soft lashing hardware can hold hiking poles or an ice axe. The two mesh pockets can each hold 1-liter water bottles.
  • Contains two exit ports for the tube and an internal hydration reservoir sleeve. The backpack strap contains a detachable media pocket. The bottom and side compression straps are adjustable.
  • Zippered pockets on the waist belt.
  • A rain cover is stored in a bottom pocket. The tuck-away rain cover protects the backpack during unexpected showers.

What We Liked About the Titan 55 Backpack

  • Good backpack for beginners
    If you’re just starting out on your hiking adventures, this High Sierra Titan backpack may be right for you. It can be hard to find an affordable backpack that can handle 30 to 40 pounds.
  • Budget priced
    Ideal if you’re unsure about a trekking hobby or you only go on rare weekend hiking adventures. Go for this backpack if you want something that’s durable and won’t break your budget. This backpack can cost under $100.
  • Suitable for 2-3 day hikes
    The Titan 55 backpack is a great weekend companion.
  • Plenty of attachment points
    The Titan 55 Internal Frame backpack comes loaded with numerous loops and straps. There are many entry-level backpacks that lack these storage options. If you’re using items like ice tools and trekking poles, you can attach them to this bag securely and safely.
  • Suitable for men and women
    If you’re looking for a backpack that’s close to a unisex backpack, this is it. There are many so-called unisex backpacks that are difficult for women to use. This backpack is designed for the smaller female shape. Because of the adjustable straps, men and older youth can also use this bag.

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What We Liked About the Titan 65 Backpack

  • Good quality backpack
    This High Sierra Titan 65L backpack is made of top-quality fabric. It is not only lightweight, but also has a good storage capacity. Plenty of options for gear storage and is very durable. It is compatible with a hydration system, and comes with an attached rain cover.
  • Great value for money
    The Titan 65 backpack can pack your trekking or hiking gear for a few days beyond the weekend. At under $100, this backpack offers great value because of its durability.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
    The backpack comes with a lifetime warranty to cover manufacturing defects. The warranty is an excellent offer given the nature of the backpack’s usage. Rough terrain or weather may highlight design or material problems.
  • Functional design
    When you’re hiking or trekking, you need to carry around your essential gear. This backpack is ideal as there many zipped pockets to store your stuff securely. The attachment points help to secure lengthy gear like lights and trekking poles.

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What We Didn’t Like

Titan 55 Internal Frame Disadvantages

One disadvantage to the backpack is that the top pocket moves as you can’t pin it down. While the backpack’s body enables you to cinch your gear down, the top pocket doesn’t come with this option. Unless you fill the top pocket to its capacity, it can flop as you move, which can be quite annoying.

The bag pocket of this High Sierra Titan backpack can’t accommodate a large sleeping bag. The 8”x8”x12” sleeping bag compartment can accommodate most sleeping bags. However, the highly insulated, thick bags that you want to take on a winter trek may not fit well inside.

If you plan to take many winter camping trips, look for another model. Yet, this bag can support gear for you spring, summer, and autumn trips. Making this bag still highly useful.

This backpack doesn’t have side-zippered pockets and is quite heavy.

Titan 65 Frame Disadvantages

The Titan 65 Frame backpack can be on the heavy side. If you’re on a lengthy camping trip, you may not enjoy carrying this bag, especially if you’re packing a lot of gear.

Customers have reported some loose threads on the bag’s stitching.

The backpack also has some extra handles, which may be useless and add to the bag’s weight.

The backpack strap that goes around the waist is too long, even if you have adjusted it to its tightest notch. As a result, your backpack can stay loose.


High Sierra is one reputable backpack and traveling bag brand. Thus, no matter what bag you use, you can be sure to find the best companion for your next trekking adventure.

Whether you choose the Titan 55 or the Titan 65 backpack, you can store all the gear you need for your trip. The extra hydration feature gives you extra reassurance.