Mountaintop 70L Hiking Backpack Review

The two most important aspects when buying hiking gear are durability and functionality.

The ideal hiking backpack should be weather proof. But, if that is out of your budget then it must at least be weather resistant.

The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack is close to being ideal for its price. It is a well-built, vertically oriented hiking backpack that’s also an all-purpose survival bag. This is represents every hiker’s dream backpack.

 The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack is suitable for those longer hikes.

Features of the Mountaintop 70 liter backpack

  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps.

  • Nylon material for cloth and mesh.

  • Soft and well padded back.

  • Waterproof and shockproof.

  • Comes with a rain guard.
  • Has a top cover with pouch.

  • Many compartments.

  • Can accommodate up to 80L when attached to a backpack frame.

  • Bladder and tube compartment.

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Mountaintop 70 liter backpack, ideal for hiking trips

The Mountaintop 70 liter backpack comes in a range of colors

Versatile and durable sets the Mountaintop backpack apart from the competition


The Mountaintop 70L backpack holds some significant advantages over other backpacks. Here are the following categories to explore:

Size and Appearance

The Mountaintop 70L backpack has the same rugged appearance as other mountaineering bags. At first look, it appears smaller than a 70L hiking backpack.
The 70L worth of space is underneath a well designed top cover or hood of the backpack. Most hiking backpacks, there’s a drawstring on the top as access to the main compartment. The Mountaintop 70L’s drawstring cloth extends up to allow more items to fit into the bag.
This expandable feature is common in backpacks but for the category of 70L it’s a little surprising. This benefits hikers who want a backpack that is usable as a smaller bag for shorter hiking trips.


Durability; the nylon cloth and mesh seems sturdy. The stitching is strong and won’t immediately unravel during the first use. If cared for and treated well, it can outlive most budget hiking bags.

Breathability of the Mountaintop backpack

Features of the Mountaintop 70L backpack

Mountaintop 70L Backpack Features

Adjustable load bearing system

Adjustable torso length


The Mountaintop 70L stands apart from most mid-range hiking backpacks. It doesn’t only have a lot of small compartments but large ones, too. There are a total of two compartments, one main and a smaller secondary, and five pouches to store items into.
The top cover of the bag has a zippered pouch, again not unusual for a hiking backpack. This kind of pouch is often used as a snack pouch. It is easily accessible, as there’s no need to remove the backpack. One can simply reach behind with one hand.
The best feature of the Mountaintop 70L backpack is its secondary compartment. Its secondary compartment is big enough to house bulky items like a winter coat, a pillow or even a sleeping bag. Its curved opening is wide enough to pull items out easily.
Besides, inside the secondary compartment is another pouch on the opposite side. Unfortunately, it’s not separable from the bag; instead it folds out when unlatched.
This inner pouch has easy access, meant for small objects like a notebook, phone and charger. This is the best place to store your important items.


Hiking backpacks have compartments designed for carrying a lot of weight. As hikers strive to carry more in one bag they also seek to to carry a light load. To solve this, large backpacks have compression straps to keep the weight balanced.
The Mountaintop 70L has a lot of compression straps. It does provide more support; keeping the weight and form of the bag. This also allows more points for items externally. Tools, kitchenware and ropes can be attached at the sides.
The Mountaintop backpack comes with space for a hydration bladder or water bottles. There’s a slot for the tube of the hydration bladder to go through along the shoulder straps. Either side of the bag also has traditional mesh pockets for water bottles.
Another significant function that hikers will find useful is the built in rain guard. The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack has a small zippered compartment beneath the bag. Open the zipper and pull out the rain guard and wrap it over the bag. It is sown into the bottom, washing it means washing the entire bag.

A popular backpack for hikers is the Mountaintop 70L

Ease of Access

Hikers prefer to have access to the main compartment, usually via a zippered side. The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack has this. It does provide a lot of alternatives to the drawstring access of the main compartment.
The side or panel access is wide enough for a hand to rummage through. Yet, it might not be easy to get items from when the bag is at its full.
There are many access points to the main compartment for convenience over necessity.
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Easy access compartments are a feature of the Mountaintop backpack

Comfort of Use

This backpack can carry a load of 70L, it’s no surprise that comfort may become an issue.
The quality and softness of the mesh padding itself is decent. There is more of it reinforced at the top part at the shoulder area. This helps the hikers to keep the weight of the bag steady and on the upper part of the body. This may also be the reason why some hikers might feel that upper body discomfort.
The extra reinforcement on the upper back, makes the mesh padding feel thinner on the lower back. For some it may feel like the upper part of the padding is bulky and the lower part bare. A taller hiker might find the straps pushing to their underarm more due to this extra padding.

Black 70L backpack by Mountaintop

The Mountaintop 70L backpack comes in blue

Green 70L hiking backpack

Maroon hiking backpack by Mountaintop

Sapphire blue Mountaintop backpack


The Mountaintop 70L hiking backpack is not its best quality. It doesn’t offer the same comfort as high-end mountaineering backpacks do.
For its price range, it represents good value for money. But it may not be the best pick for hikers who value comfort more than most features. It provides the required space and compartments needed for those longer hiking trips.
Some Mountaintop bags are suitable as tactical packs. This hiking backpack is more suitable for long hiking trips and camping purposes. This is not be the best choice for anyone undergoing tactical training and the like.
It is a durable, spacious backpack designed for hiking. Its price makes it ideal for novice hikers.
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