Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack Review


Heavy Duty Performance in a Light Sack

Looking for a bag that is usable for both daily errands and occasional treks and hiking can be quite a challenge, especially if you are after something that is really light, easy to store, and can still fit a bunch of necessities.

This is where the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack comes into its own.

Designed to be ultra-durable yet ultra-light, this backpack comes in 20L and 33L sizes, both of which are known to withstand loads that are far greater than their approximate weights of 0.46 lb. and 0.50 lb. when empty.

An outstanding choice for a day hiking pack is the Outlander 35 liter hiking pack

Reliability in a Small Package

The Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is collapsible, making storage very convenient. When not in use, it can be shrunk into the size of a pouch that is just slightly larger than a CD case.

If you are particular with numbers, here are the dimensions of the two backpack models:


  • Unfolded: 16.92 in x 10.63 in x 7.08 in
  • Folded:       6.29 in x 5.9 in x 1.97 in


  • Unfolded: 19 in x 13 in x 8.20 in
  • Folded:     6.29 in x 5.9 in x 2 in


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Just to illustrate how much stuff you can fit into the 33L bag, it can actually hold 26 folded 33L backpacks, which have a total approximate weight of 13 lbs. This allows you to fit in a generous amount of travel clothes and some souvenirs.

Whether you choose the 20L or the 33L version, these models can be the perfect daypack or travel companion for minimalists who are very keen on maximizing every inch of space in their bags.

Because the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is foldable, it can also be stored conveniently in your luggage when you’re travelling by plane.

You may think you won’t need an extra bag, but you never know when this might come in handy, especially if you have the tendency to pack more stuff than what you originally brought with you. Instead of paying for overweight charges, you can just unfurl this bag and have it as a carry-on to accommodate the extra baggage.

Functionality, Aesthetics, and Affordability

The Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is made from water-resistant and rip-resistant nylon fabric, making it highly durable and very light at the same time. Additional support is provided by bar tacking on crucial stress points plus a 2-way Abrasion Resistant SBS Metal Zipper for increased strength and longevity.

For something so light, it proves to be weather resistant and able to withstand the normal course of wear and tear, especially if you are careful with how you use it.

This backpack has also been optimized for adaptability and versatility. Aside from being ultra-light, it is also designed to be usable for various occasions.

Its mesh side pockets provide spaces for umbrellas and water bottles while outer zipper compartments allow smaller items to be more accessible. This can be readily used whether as an everyday bag to work, a hiking bag, or a light travel bag.

Although it has a minimalist design, the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack has a wide array of colors that can perfectly match the user’s personality. Whether you prefer neutral colors or would want to express your fun side a little more, they probably have something that suits you. It is available  in the following colors:

  • Black,
  • Dark blue,
  • Green,
  • Gray, Light blue,
  • Orange,
  • Red,
  • Purple, and
  • Pink.

Not only can this backpack score high on functionality, it can certainly grab attention with its aesthetics too.

The Outlander hiking backpack is available in a range of colors

The Outlander is a lightweight and functional hikng daypack

One of the best lightweight backpacks in its range is the Outlander 33 liter hiking pack

The Outlander packable lightweight backpack is a good choice for someone looking for a lightweight backpack for a day hike

If price is also a part of your criteria when looking for a reliable lightweight backpack, then this will fit the bill nicely.

This is the perfect backpack for the budget conscious hiker. With a price around $20 on Amazon.com, the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack may well be the bargain that you’re looking for.

For the features that it offers, and the amount of weight that it promises to carry, it is certainly one of the most affordable options on the market that may be worth trying out.


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Lightweight Pack with Heavyweight Abilities

Because the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is pretty much an all-around bag, it can be used for various situations such as hiking, camping trips, travels, work, etc. Best of all, many buyers swear that it can hold much more stuff than it appears to be capable of.

The 20L bag may seem small at first glance, but the bag’s three compartments can be enough to carry all your personal belongings for a 2-night camping escapade. Sample items that were able to fit in the 20L bag for such a trip include two changes of clothes, sleepwear, toiletries, a pouch for smaller items, and even two textbooks.

The 33L bag is also a great option for people who travel frequently. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and easy to adjust. The weight is distributed quite evenly to minimize back pains.

The unit has four compartments –– a big main compartment, a smaller compartment within the main one that acts as a stuff sack, a medium compartment, and a small pocket in front. You can definitely carry a lot of things, though the downside is, some items could get “misplaced” in the big compartment.

In any case, you can pretty much cram a lot of stuff into the 20L and 33L bags, it’s just a matter of choosing which size will fit your intended usage more. The 20L bag is a good go-to choice if you need something more versatile, while the 33L bag may be the better option for longer, more demanding trips.

Another great selling point for the Outlander Backpack is that it also comes in waterproof versions. This is a major plus when hiking and expecting some possible showers or inclement weather.

Some Problems With Flimsiness

People who are looking for lightweight backpacks will find this bag really good, and while many people have reported that it was durable enough to withstand several uses, some others do not share the same sentiments.

The internal coat or lining has the tendency to fall apart after some light usage, although it may just be a unit defect. The straps may also show signs of wear and tear quickly if you constantly stuff the bag to its fullest capacity.

Since it is made to be a lightweight bag, it also lacks adequate padding that you may deem necessary if you carry laptops and other gadgets most of the time. It therefore takes the shape and feel of anything you put in there so if you pack hard and edgy stuff, you’ll most likely feel it right through.

Those who say that the weight felt evenly distributed with this bag probably have stuffed their bags almost full.

If you only use half the space of the bag, the items have the tendency to be concentrated on the bottom part, which might make it uncomfortable to carry.

If you are looking for a bag that feels stable, you should probably skip this backpack. Although this claims to be water-resistant and durable, you’re probably better off with something that is less flimsy if you’re planning to purchase a bag for tougher adventures.


A Good Lightweight Bag for Light Adventures

Although it may not feel as robust for tougher situations like trekking on difficult terrains, it will hold up for much lighter travels and adventures.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty if you need repairs or replacements.

Overall, the Outlander Ultra Lightweight Backpack is definitely a great option if you are specifically looking for a light bag that you can use for a variety of situations.