Exploring the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack

Backpacks are among the most recognizable bags nearly anywhere in the world. Backpacks are also increasingly popular with hikers alongside other types of hiking gear.

Teton Sports offer a range of backpacks alongside other types of outdoor gear. In fact, they offer more than ten backpacks for anyone to choose from, each with mostly stellar reviews.

Today we’ll be looking at the Explorer 4000 Backpack, at less than $100 this makes a great value backpack. It is one of the top selling in this size due to its  great potential in body.

Almost anyone can use this backpack, and here are the features that might make you want to try it out too.

A 65 liter capacity makes the Teton Sports Explorer backpack ideal for those longer hikes and treks

Features Of The Explorer 4000 Backpack

This is a great value backpack ideal for up to a week long hike

The Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is an outdoor backpack that measures about 32″ x 12″ x 18″ and only weighs about five pounds. Its shell is made from 600 denier squared nylon ripstop and 600 denier PU coated nylon. The Explorer backpack is available in either hunter green, metallic silver or navy blue.

While it is unisex and comes in one manufactured size, this backpack boasts of customization options for any potential adventurer.

Among these is the harness system that can be adjusted to fit people between 5’1” and 6’4”.

The torso length can also be manipulated between 19 and 30 inches, while the hip belt can go from 28 up to 70 inches.

Another great value backpack from Teton Sports

The bag has around 65 liters capacity, or approximately 4000 cubic inches. This can thus carry three to five days’ worth of gear and supplies, or even more, if the items are not too bulky.

However, if you feel as though all that weight would just cause the bag to break, don’t worry. The backpack is built with two bendable aluminum frames that will support anything you put in the bag.

For extra support and security, the Explorer 4000 also has four compression straps to cinch your backpack and keep it as close to you as possible.

You can even put a sleeping bag in there, since the Explorer 4000 Backpack has a specific compartment for sleeping bags, aside from the 6+ pockets that you can put other things in.

There is also the separate rain fly for your rain cover.

The Explorer 4000 also has the following features that aim to keep the wearer fresh and hydrated throughout his or her journey:

  • Space to store water bottles or to have an internal water reservoir
  • Hydration sleeve that can fit a 3 liter bladder of water
  • Built-in air conditioning system in case of high temperatures

What We Liked About The Teton Explorer 4000

The most prominent advantage of the Teton Sport Explorer 4000 Backpack is adjustability.

People who struggle to find usual backpacks in their size will have no problem with the Explorer 4000. With all those possible customizations, you can make the Explorer 4000 truly yours, up to its very fit on you.

Because of its wide range of customizations, most members of a single family can share this backpack while still being able to fit it during their turn.

This is especially true in the case of children or teenagers, whose rapid growth spurts need easily adjustable backpacks to accomodate their change in size. Because of this, siblings or cousins can also easily share backpacks without making any permanent alterations.

Another great value backpack from Teton Sports

The Explorer 4000 Backpack can also very well fit enough stuff for the whole family. Aside from the six pockets in the main compartment, there are also multiple mesh pockets throughout the backpack. There are also four loops on the backpack face that can be used to carry poles or other tools.

Another smart storage feature is the built-in rain fly, which prevents your rain cover from taking up any of the main pockets. Because of all of this storage, the backpacker can go on longer treks with sufficient supplies.

With the four compression straps and padded back and hip belts, it’s also very easy to be comfortable with the backpack. The compression straps cinch the bag as close to your body as possible, even if the backpack itself is fully loaded. With this feature, you can easily explore unforgiving or narrow terrain.

The foam pads all over the backpack, meanwhile, are there to provide you with some level of comfort along the journey.

Even with a full load, though, the backpack will not break, thanks to its aluminum framing that supports the heavy weight.

Aside from the durability, the aluminum stays also exhibit some degree of flexibility to conform to your back well.

The backpack also has lumbar support panels, which will maintain your posture even with all the weight you have on your back.

Another great value backpack from Teton Sports

What We Didn’t Like

Even with its excellent range of adjustability, even the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack is not perfect in this regard.

The Explorer 4000 can fit people between 5’1” and 6’4”, but the problem begins if you are shorter than 5’1”. Not only will the backpack not conform to your size as much as it will to bigger people, you will also end up paying for more material than you actually need.

If you only mean to use the backpack by yourself, then you will also end up paying for customization options meant for significantly larger people. After all, we all want to get our money’s worth, and maybe, this possibility of paying more than necessary is something you need to take note of.

The Teton Sports Explorer is an ideal pack for people beginning their backpacking journey

Another advantage that can easily become a downside is its large capacity. Because it can carry up to 65 liters’ worth of material, the backpack itself has to be hefty all on its own to support the load.

This is of course alright for long-distance backpackers who don’t mind the weight. However, if you’re more of a light traveler and you don’t really bring that much with you on trips, you might want to consider other more convenient options.

Aside from that, you might also want to take note of the durability of the straps themselves. Compared to the other components, the nylon straps are quite thin, and might tear when they snag on bushes or branches.

Check out this great value backpack from Teton Sports


With its great potential for customization, the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 Backpack is favored by many different kinds of explorers, from two-day campers to week-long adventurers.

It can fit a wide range of people, and can also fit a wide range of tools and equipment. Despite all this potential for weight, the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is guaranteed to hold up, thanks to its generally sturdy construction and aluminum reinforcements.

Even with all that, the Explorer 4000 can still be considered a comfortable backpack by the wearer.

With all of these advantages in adjustability, storage, durability, and comfort, the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 is a wonderful option for budding and experienced adventurers alike, and it can be yours as well.

You can bring the Teton Sports Explorer 4000 along with you from camping sites to treacherous trails to the highest mountains.