Top Seven Hiking Daypacks Review

If you’re planning to go on a hiking trip, your personal gear is never complete without the perfect hiking daypack to go along with it. There are many daypacks out there offering different kinds of specifications and features, but it’s hard to know which one can give you the best value for the price.

If you’re not sure which one to get, read through this detailed review of these seven hiking daypacks. Whilst I have ranked these in my chosen order, my strong recommendation is that you choose the one that best fits you!

I sincerely hope you find this review of seven lightweight daypacks of assistance.

1. Venture Pal Daypack

The number one bestselling hiking daypack on Amazon rightfully belongs to the Venture Pal Daypack because of many reasons.

Yes, it’s a foldable bag in itself as well but has the superior advantage compared to the others on the list, thanks to its outlasting durability.

It is designed for use as a daypack meant for all types of hiking trips and other outdoor activities.

The top selling daypack on Amazon is the Venture Pal 35 liter backpack

  • Durability

  • Lightweight 0.7lbs

  • Water and tear resistant

  • Designed for hiking and outdoor activities

  • 35 liter capacity

  • Heavy duty zippers

  • Chest strap

  • Adjustable shoulder straps


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It is made out of reinforced high quality water and tear resistant material that is as lightweight but truly long-lasting.

Up to 35 liters of space for storage, and you won’t have to worry about overloading as the double-layered bottom gives it enough strength to encourage you to load more rather than conservatively.

There are bar tacks and heavy duty two-way metal zippers that further enhance its ability to hold against stress. Along with adjustable mesh shoulder straps filled with sponge padding, a built-in chest strap allows you to secure the backpack in place for long journeys. Multiple segmented compartments and separators help you organize your things more effectively.

This daypack is the perfect fit for hiking enthusiasts whether beginner or advanced.

One of its few weak points is that there is minimal ventilation on the straps and the back unlike other packs. Also, certain accessories such as the compression straps may be unnecessary, the Venture Pal Daypack focuses more on features than minimalism.

Overall, the daypack’s good points are greatly outweigh its potential flaws and its high marketability allows it to claim the number one spot in this review of the best daypacks.

If you want to a quality daypack at a competitive price, then the Venture Pal is definitely for you.

Check it out customer reviews on Amazon here

Second spot on my hiking daypacks list is another collapsible bag.

The Outlander Hiking Daypack folds into its inner pocket to turn into a compact handheld bag.

This daypack is perfect for people who like minimalist and compact designs as it has a very light weight around half a pound.

It has multiple compartments for storage composed of one main compartment, one internal pocket for important items, two front zipper pockets for small items, and two side pockets that function as bottle holders.

This ultra lightweight Outlander backpack is ideal for hiking and camping trips


  • Collapsible

  • Lightweight 0.5lb

  • 20-33 liter capacity

  • Compact design

  • Good value as a lightweight pack

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Its performance is designed to be long-lasting as long as the weight involved is kept minimal most of the time. It’s tough enough for casual hiking trips, but it’s best not to expose it to harsh conditions to preserve its longevity.

This pack provides value better than many of its competitors, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a backpack that is conducive to a good hiking experience but is also useful for other activities nevertheless.

If you like the Outlander brand and are after a slightly larger backpack for hiking then consider the 35L Outlander Hiking Backpack. This backpack is also collapsible and folds into its own pocket.

Again it is a lightweight backpack only weighing 0.7lbs. Strong and durable this pack is more suited to a slightly longer hike than the previous Outlander backpack.

To read Amazon customer reviews on both these backpacks click here (20/33L) or here (35L).

Third place goes to the Zomake Foldable Backpack. It is one of the best multipurpose daypack, thanks to its ultra-lightweight, durable, and compact design.

Its size is smaller when compared to the ones featured in the list so far, but it maximizes its 20L storage space to help keep your things well-organized.

Its main feature is its ability to turn into a sandwich-sized pouch that fits right into your pocket.

The Zomake ultra lightweight backpack is ideal for daily use or for your next hiking adventure


  • Lightweight

  • Folds into a sandwich size pocket

  • 20 liter capacity

  • Water and tear resistant

It is extremely portable. You can use it almost anywhere and can simply tuck it in somewhere when not in use. Despite its superior flexibility, it does not sacrifice on durability as the Zomake backpack is made out of a nylon material with a strong waterproof coat and tear resistance ability.

Just try not to overload as the daypack does not seem to be designed to hold a large volume of weight for prolonged periods of time.

Too much weight may cause damage to the shoulder strap attachments.

Also, it’s not as good as a waterproof container as it is marketed to be, but it does okay in light to medium drizzle.

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4. ORICSSON Daypack 35L

The ORICSSON Daypack 35L has made it as number four on my bestselling hiking daypacks list, because of its durability, light weight, comfort. Its compact design is highlighted by its large carrying capacity of 35 liters perfectly suited for long hiking journeys.

It is made out of waterproof and tear resistant nylon material together with abrasion resistant metal zippers.

Despite having so much space available, the daypack itself is lightweight — weighing around less than a pound.

This 35L daypack by Orricson is ideal for those longer hiking trips with romm for some additional gear

  • Large 35 liter capacity
  • Lightweight (less than a pound)
  • Multiple compartments
  • Breathable mesh straps

It has multiple compartments that are also easily accessible for your phones, bottles, umbrellas, clothes, and other accessories.

You can maximize its volume and still feel comfortable using the bag as it features one of the most breathable mesh shoulder straps that you can easily adjust to perfectly fit you.

You can even fold it to transform it from a daypack to a small messenger bag. It is cost-effective and a few of its only downsides are its lack of effective padding on the back and the fact that it is not waterproof all around.

This daypack is a good choice for hiking trips that last more than a few hours or even a day.

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5. P.KU.VDSL Vintage Backpack

Moving on to number five on the list, the PKU Vintage Backpack 19L is another similarly stylish daypack made from durable canvas material. So far, it’s the only backpack that features a main compartment that is closed with a drawstring rather than a zipper.

Whilst it is smaller than the others that have been reviewed, I think it is a stylish looking pack suitable for short day trips. It has adjustable shoulder straps, pockets located all around to hold items and accessories, and covers the main body with a flap closed by twin buckle straps.

It mimics the look of traditional rucksacks, but offers enough volume to make it good enough to be used for hiking.

This vintage canvas rucksack is great for those after the vintage look style of rucksck

  • Stylish
  • 19 liter capacity
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Canvas material

Although this backpack has a sleek and stylish design suitable for casual activities, it’s hard to recommend it for advanced levels of hiking since there may be some defects on the stitching on the straps. Yet, it will last as long as the user does not abuse it too much.

If you love style and organization, then this daypack is for you.

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6. Ibagbar Rucksack

Next on the list is the Ibagbar Rucksack, which is rather more of a classic fashionable choice due to its high density cotton canvas and PU leather construction. Its initial appearance is similar to a satchel but you can also collapse it to function as a messenger bag or shoulder bag on the go. This is made possible by the detachable shoulder strap that lets you transform the backpack at your convenience.

This canvas rucksack by Ibagbar is a stylish choice for somone looking for something a little different from the normal hiking backpack

Despite this function, it doesn’t compromise on durability, and it offers a thick and breathable strap design, making it quite comfortable to bring along regardless of its current form.

With a built-in laptop compartment, the standard size of the bag can hold at most a 15’ laptop, while the larger variant’s carrying capacity allows for a 17’ laptop.

There are several pockets meant for holding tablets, wallets, glasses, and other smaller items.

The main reason why this bag is one of the bestselling hiking daypacks is because its versatility makes it the best backpack not only for outdoor activities, but also for everyday use such as for school or wok.

Some flaws the rucksack could’ve worked on are its protection on the top and bottom sides and its unsuitability for people with big laptops.

Even so, getting the Ibagbar Rucksack as a hiking daypack is an economical and stylish choice since it fits all kinds of activities and occasions outside of hiking.

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7. Sunhiker Daypack

Finally, the Sunhiker Daypack has become a popular choice because of its suitability for all outdoor activities such as cycling, camping, and of course, hiking.

It is made out of tear-resistant and water-repellent nylon material, with adjustable and breathable mesh shoulder straps. It is known as a quality daypack due to its lightweight structure and volume control system.

It also features additional accessories such as bottle holder on both side and various storage pockets.

The Sunhiker hiking daypack is ideal for cycling or just walking on your day hike


With this bag, you can hold as many items as you would like to without feeling uncomfortable or heavy, thanks to the straps that offer superior comfort and security.

However, the Sunhiker Daypack’s distinct downside is attributed to its lack of segmented compartments.

Although a lot of storage space and pouches are available, there are still people who prefer specialized compartments to organize their things.

The problem is that it has a lack of pockets tailored for common objects like smart phones. Furthermore, the front pockets are too narrow to use for various objects.

It’s really up to the user how he aims to organize all his belongings inside the daypack. Nevertheless, it’s a good choice for frequent use in hiking that comes at a decent price.

This stylish canvas rucksack is available on Amazon


Remember do not to let the numbers fool you. Just because a daypack is more popular, it doesn’t mean that it will be the best one for you.

Hopefully, these reviews have helped you learn more about the specific value propositions of each daypack.

After reading through the pros and cons of each daypack, your next buying decision should be based on the suitability of the features to your needs.