Wasing 55L Hiking Backpack Review

It’s hard not to take notice of the Wasing 55L hiking backpack. It has an affordable price and lots of cool features. Although the brand is not famous, it sells pretty well online.
A good quality budget 55 liter backpack

Wasing 55L internal frame backpack, ideal for your hiking adventure


This bag has all what you need in a hiking backpack. Check out its features to decide if this is the right one for you.
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Attachment points

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This backpack provides a comfort level comparable to more expensive hiking backpacks. It has exceptional padding in its shoulder straps.
The waist straps also have ample padding. The only possible issue is that it doesn’t go around the edges. If you tend to go for longer runs, this may create some hot spots.
This backpack has a sternum strap that you can adjust. You can move it up and down. This system is quite durable unlike the rail systems other backpacks have. The sternum strap also has an integrated emergency whistle.
The back is an important aspect of comfort for any hiking backpack. This bag has molded foam on the back. It has a mesh for improved airflow and to keep your back cool and dry as you hike.
This bag also has a contoured aluminum frame. For optimal comfort, you can adjust this frame to match the shape of your back.
The Wasing 55L hiking backpack has incredible features for comfort. Thick padding on all the important areas, including back, shoulders, and waist.

Plenty of Pockets

This hiking backpack has many pockets. The side has 9 pockets besides a pocket for the rain cover.
The lid has a huge zippered pocket with external access. The underside of the lid also has a smaller zippered pocket.
On the front, there is a vertical zipper at the center. This is an entrance to a big, but shallow pocket. You can store here some large, but flat items, such as books or maps.
There is a large pocket at the bottom where you can store the integrated rain cover.
On each side, there is an upper zippered side pocket. This is often not present in other hiking backpacks. These pockets are flat, but huge. They are not bellows pockets, but they are useful.
The sides have the typical stretch mesh pockets. There are also zippered hip belt pockets. Some of the more expensive or more popular hiking backpacks do not have this feature.

The Wasing 55L backpack comes in a range of colors

This backpack is not only stylish but also very versatile for hiking

Attachment Points

Another great feature of this backpack is the attachment options. The top of the lid has huge dual straps. You can attach a sleeping bag here or something similar.
The front has two horizontal straps. They are set to two flaps that go upright on both sides. This is an effective system to attach bulky items. The straps and flaps will keep them secured in place.
The main compartment has a few key hooks. You can use them to hold your keys or for your water bladder.
Both sides also have upper and lower dual compression straps. You can use them to make sure any elongated item in the side mesh pockets is in place.
The lower straps are right on top of the mesh pockets. When you put your bottle there, the straps will be on your way. This design is common in many hiking backpacks, and some people find this annoying.
The bottom compartment also has dual compression straps. You can attach a tent or a pad here, or anything that will not fit inside the bag.
The bottom front section has dual gear loops where you can attach an ice axe or trekking poles. Dual Velcro loops are found higher on the front. The shoulder straps also have a few D-shaped rings where you can attach smaller items.


One of the reasons that Wasing 55L is one of the best-selling hiking backpacks is its style. The design is like high-end hiking backpacks. It has compression straps and a top loading compartment.
The color options are also pretty good. It is available in red, green, yellow, dark blue, and light blue. These colors are a bit flashy. This bag is for you if you want it to be noticeable.


You may opt for a hiking backpack that is a bit more rugged for more intense hikes. However, it does a pretty good job and its durability is in line with its price.
The fabric is water-resistant rip-stop polyester, so it has great quality. This fabric makes the bag last as it is resistant to water. It would shed water easily. There is also a rain-fly suitable for long hiking days where rain is forecast.
The stitching of the straps could use a little work, though, as it seemed weak. You may opt to reinforce the straps before hiking. This will not cost much or you can do it on your own.
Wasing offers 90-day limited warranty for this hiking backpack. This is a shorter period compared to what others offer. For its price, you are getting your money’s worth.

Wasing 55L backpack is great value for the price

This backpack comes in a great range of colors

This backpack is ideal for weekend hiking trips, water resistant and durable

55L internal frame backpack for hiking and camping

What We Liked

  • Weekend hiking
    The Wasing 55L hiking backpack is big enough for weekend tours or hiking for
    multiple days. They can go for longer hiking days depending on the weight and bulkiness of your equipment.

  • Plenty of storage
    This backpack has enough space on both the inside and the outside, even if you’re not a minimalist.

  • 50L + 5L
    The lid has an extendable collar underneath it. It adds about 5 liter of volume. If you’re not going to use it, you can bind it down using its drawstring and toggle.

  • Integrated rain cover
    It has an integrated rain cover that has separate pocket storage. This is a bonus because many hikers don’t go on a tour without a rain cover for their backpack.

  • Budget pricing
    The Wasing 55L is ideal for teens, young adults, novice hikers, and people on a budget. For its incredible price, it is one of the best hiking backpacks on the market today.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for hikers over 6ft
    This backpack may not be suitable for people 6 feet and above. It is quite small compared to other hiking backpacks.
  • Waist straps
    The waist straps padding can be a little longer. They may dig into your hips, so this may be a problem for longer runs.

  • Bright colors
    If you’re not fond of flashy colors, this one may not be right for you. It is not available in neutral colors like gray or black.

  • Can’t adjust the torso length
    You cannot adjust the torso length of this backpack. This is not a problem if the backpack is right for your size, but it could be for others.


The Wasing 55L hiking backpack has almost all the features you need. It looks great and its price is affordable.
Of course, the price is not the only factor you should consider. Some other more expensive hiking backpacks may last longer. If you only need it for occasional use then this will meet your needs.
It is also suitable if you’re new to hiking, and trying to see if it is for you.
Although it is not a heavy-duty backpack, the others that have the same size are 4 to 5 times more expensive.